Sun xVM Virtualbox…

October 22, 2008

I’m a big-time user of VMware and has been for several years. I’ve been using all flavours of this product, and still is doing so at work. Since Ubuntu 7.10 I haven’t been able to run it successfully though and therefore I’ve been exploring alternatives.

I NEED to run Windows for three reasons a) MS Outlook since there is no substitute that seems to work well b) (ironically) Vmware infrastructure client is a Windows only product and c) MS Visio.

I’ve been experimenting with Virtualbox for a while ago, but with version 2 I find that the program is very, very nice, and seems to work well. There is only a version for Hardy available yet but it seems to work fine (with only one day of testing) on Intrepid as well. Find it here:

One annoying fact, now tested on two brand new installations, is that Virtualbox doesn’t show up in the menus until the computer is restarted.