SBackup doesn’t do it.

January 14, 2009

I got around to trying SBackup (again!) with hopes of finally solving that backup issue that has be botherning me for a while now. I decided to stick a usb-drive in the dock at work and then try to have the backups directed there.

Didn’t work.

What did work was the first few rounds of backups. It ran at the designated tiime and it placed tha backups in the right spot (which was /media/disk-1). The problem was that when I was out of the office the backup still ran, quietly. Still backing up to /media/disk-1 which in those cases didn’t have anything mounted. Disk became full, and I had loads of problems with it, so I disabled it again. When I have time I will try to find a solution to this, but even if there is one, this feels like something that isn’t easy enough for the average Joe and such an important function should be.


A rather nasty crash…

November 9, 2008

While preparing and testing XBMC (will write about that soon) I had a really nasty crash which prevented me from doing anything with my computer. After the login screen a couple of error messages with stuff like

"Failed to contact configuration server, some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBIt or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See for information. (Details - 1: IOR file '/tmp/gconfd-root/lock/ior' not opened successfully, no gconfd located: Input/output error 2: IOR file '/tmp/gconfd-root/lock/ior' not opened successfully, no gconfd located: Input/output error)"

Tried everything I could think of, booted from a CD, ran FSCK, rebooted, rebooted again, read a thousand pages on Google (on another computer), went through the syslog and messages logs etc. My Gnome screen was black, and the only thing that worked was the mouse and PrntScrn which, apart from bringing up the screendump dialog also generated an error message.

The solution which I found here, sortof, which in turn makes it possible for me to write this, was to rename saved_state like this:

mv ~/.gconfd/saved_state saved_state.old

Reasons like this makes it hard to suggest Linux to my mother…

Backing up Ubuntu

November 7, 2008

I need to solve this. I’ve tried numerous times to get a solution in place (not for 8.10 though) for getting a dependable backup running which really is a area to improve on Ubuntu (and other linuxes as well) we need a simple and dependable solution.

What is easy and dependable then?
– Backing up to USB-drive is ideal (cheap, large storage available everywhere)
– Backing up everything without any questions
– Saving all versions for a configurable time
– Excluding by file patterns (for example *.mp3 *.avi)
– Easily restoring single files
– Restoring the latest version to a new disk easily (ideally by booting from the USB-drive)

This is pretty much Apples approach in Time Machine I guess, but I’m not running a Macintosh so I can’t install that and test. Let the search for a solution begin.

Running pretty good, but scared the shit out of me the other day.

October 24, 2008

Yesterday I tried to install a 3G datacard while ridin’ a train. Didn’t go particularly well. Computer hung and I had to reboot a couple of times until I gave up.

When I got home I tried to start the computer with no success. It wouldn’t start xwindows and it wouldn’t mount /home. It felt impossible to have the second hard disk corruption in two days, but I tried everything I could think of. After about 5 reboots everything came back up and has been running perfectly ever since. Scary. I will start to work on some sort of backup pretty soon.