Pidgin unstable in 8.10

November 7, 2008

I’ve noticed on several occasions that Pidgin exists without my prior approval. No idea why, could it be a conflict with the screen-saver (where I’m using the default “Blank Screen”) or could it be some plug-in in Pidgin (where the only one I use is Facebook) or could it be that the current version of Pidgin is just unstable? To many closing downs in a row, where everything else in the computer is untouched, to be a pure coincidence though. I wonder, am I alone?


A pretty cool extension to pidgin for facebook users

November 3, 2008

is the facebook-chat, which actually gives you access to all your facebook buddies for chattning in pidgin just like they were using MSN or any other more ordinary messenger protocol. Do this:

sudo dpkg -i pidgin-facebookchat-1.38.deb

Shutdown Pidgin and start it up again, goto accounts – Manage accounts and you can now setup your facebook account. Chat is an option, seeing who is online another. It is also possible to approve new friends requests

Unstable programs in Intrepid

October 27, 2008

So for most things seem pretty stable, or as stable as you could expect them to be right now. The most annoying things I’ve found so far is:

Pidgin – Just disappears, no crash report or anything (haven’t had the time to go through the logs though).

Network-manager – the support for 3G cards seems flaky. I’ve been trying seriously to get two of my cards to work, both requiring some sort of switching (usb_modeswitch for one card and RDEVCHG for the other). While testing this I’ve experienced hard hangs, with the computer completetly unaccessible. After a hard reset on two occacions my system has refused to mount /home and to start GDM / Xwindows. Gotta get this to work, will give it another shot soon.

Restoring all the settings in Pidgin…

October 22, 2008

Pidgin is also hard to loose. I use pidgin for chatting on MSN, ICQ and IRC as well as Facebook. Finding the login information wouldn’t be to hard but getting all the chatlogs back is important to me.
My first idea was to find the .pidgin folder and just move that. Didn’t work. No folder as such existed. I then remembered that Pidgin used to be GAIM and found a .gaim folder that I did move.
Worked just beautifully, sortof.. I ended up with only one account, which seemed odd. After some googling I found out that the folders name is .purple. Purple as in Pidgin maybe? I dunno, but with that folder moved to /home/user everything worked flawlessly.