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June 1, 2009

XBMC, Xbox Media Center

January 20, 2009

Is simply the best mediaplayer that has ever existed period. It is fast, easy to use and features several interesting features such as the ability to play .rar files containg .iso files or other kinds of media.

Originally developed for the Xbox it has now been moved to Linux, Windows, Apple-TV and (most interesting) Live-CD / USB-stick which should open the opportunity for hardware manufacturers to start building cool media-center-machines.

There is no repository available (yet) for Intrepid, but in the forums someone claimed that the hardy repositories works fine. So go to:
System / Administration / Software sources and hit the “Third-party software” tab. Add these two, one-by-one:
deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main
Close and reload and goto Add/Remove applications where

XBMC yes, as long as you get rid of PulseAudio

November 23, 2008

As I wrote in my earlier post about PulseAudio it doesn’t work to well with XBMC Media Center.

I have now been using XBMC quite a lot for a full week and have no problems what so ever, as long as PulseAudio is closed first.

sudo killall pulseaudio

As soon as I have a little more time I will investigate how a uninstall of PulseAudio could affect the system…

XBMC and Pulseaudio

November 19, 2008

Xbox Media Center seems to have a share of problems on my system. The most recent events has been that the audio seems to crash, either going silent or getting stuck in a endless loop that’s quite annoying. This seems to happen quite often if I jump in movies.

The first solution, rebooting the system, wasn’t exactly neat. The second is sort-of work-in-progress. But it seems to work which is nice:

In System – Preferences – Sound I’ve changed all settings to use ALSA screenshot-sound-preferences

Then either before I start XBMC or when the problem occurs I run:

sudo killall pulseaudio
ps aux | grep pulse

If there still is pulseaudio processes left I kill them with

sudo kill -9 whateverprocess

I think this happens mostly when I has been running XBMC and the audio is hung. Of course the ideal thing here would be to disable pulseaudio completely, or to pray for team-xbmc to fix this. I have not decided what to do yet, I have to do some reading on this PulseAudio, it might be there for some other reason than to break XBMC.

Restoring all the settings in Pidgin…

October 22, 2008

Pidgin is also hard to loose. I use pidgin for chatting on MSN, ICQ and IRC as well as Facebook. Finding the login information wouldn’t be to hard but getting all the chatlogs back is important to me.
My first idea was to find the .pidgin folder and just move that. Didn’t work. No folder as such existed. I then remembered that Pidgin used to be GAIM and found a .gaim folder that I did move.
Worked just beautifully, sortof.. I ended up with only one account, which seemed odd. After some googling I found out that the folders name is .purple. Purple as in Pidgin maybe? I dunno, but with that folder moved to /home/user everything worked flawlessly.