YES! Xbox Media Center, now in a repository for Intrepid

Xbox Media Center, for those of you unaware, is simply the most amazing media-playing-center-thingy around. I’ve been using it on modded Xboxes for ages, and been running it and its cousin Plex on Mac for a while, and, on my previous installation of Ubuntu on my laptop.

Since I’ve read about problems with running the Hardy-version on Intrepid I’ve been waiting for it to turn up for Intrepid which it has today (or maybe some other day, I haven’t really checked on a daily basis.).

Go “System” – “Administration” – “Software Sources” and hit the “Third-Party Software”. Hit “Add” twice and enter the following lines, separated with a “Add Source” button press:

deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

(Here I wonder if both really are needed, it feels like one could be for compiled stuff and the other for sources, and I won’t really use any of the sources so I don’t know if I need both, someone?)

Close and reload and wander over to “System” – “Administration” – “synaptic package manager”. Hit the button “Origin” (down in the left corner) and choose “” above and all the interesting packages will show up. I started out with the xbmc package and xbmc-scripts-supported. Hit apply and wait.

Problems? This page is the first in a long thread which deals with the Intrepid installation

My troubles are frightening me, when starting XBMC I get an error I had on this laptop when running Compiz (which I don’t for the moment). The error is that the latitudes fan is spinning up faster and faster until the computer shuts of with a click. This error made Dell travel out to me and change the motherboard so I thought it was fixed. Wonder if there could be a Nvidia / Dell / Latitude bug with intensive graphic load. On the other hand, how intensive could it be to show the first page of XBMC. It took me some hours to get back on track, but now I will have a go again as soon as I have published this.


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  1. […] “Applications” – “Add/Remove” Added VLC Media Player (which I have been missing). Noticed that “Ubuntu Restricted Extras” (which I wrote about here was easily availble from here, same thing with XBMC) […]

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