Lovely network manager

Last week I was working at a clients site and had to configure my computer to use a static IP, netmask, gateway and special DNS-servers. The client has a very closed network and no DHCP what so ever, so apart from using a static ip-address I could only use their DNS-servers.

I just love the network-manager. Dunno if this is new functionality or if it has been there all the time but it isn’t harder than to right-click on the network manager and add another network. I always use the “Auto eth0” connection, since it works at my office and at home. I was wondering for a while how this setting could conflict with my office settings.

No worries, when I got back to the office, and when I got home, it automagically used the “Auto eth0” again. But more interesting was that when I got back a couple of days later it found the tailored connection again. I’m not sure how this was done, did network manager try it since it couldn’t get and DHCP or did it recognize the network in some other way? Works flawlessly for me anyway.

The network manager is my friend keeping track of my 5 regular wirless connections, my mobile broadband, my office vpn and also my wired connections in one place – it feels so good compared to what I was used to (which involved some rather ugly shell-scripts written by myself).


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