A pretty cool extension to pidgin for facebook users

is the facebook-chat, which actually gives you access to all your facebook buddies for chattning in pidgin just like they were using MSN or any other more ordinary messenger protocol. Do this:

wget http://pidgin-facebookchat.googlecode.com/files/pidgin-facebookchat-1.38.deb
sudo dpkg -i pidgin-facebookchat-1.38.deb

Shutdown Pidgin and start it up again, goto accounts – Manage accounts and you can now setup your facebook account. Chat is an option, seeing who is online another. It is also possible to approve new friends requests


2 Responses to A pretty cool extension to pidgin for facebook users

  1. lost in cyberspace says:

    im confused as to how to do this…..will everyone that i chat to on facebook, need pidgin?

    I am real trouble working out where that wget http, is supposed to go…..how do i even get started…..im such a dunce…it took ages for me to get pidgin going….i just need a bit of help thanks….

  2. johano says:

    Nope, with this plugin your contacts that are online in Facebook will show in your pidgin, so you could chat easily from within pidgin while they still has to struggle with facebooks builtin chat.

    Open up a terminal window (“Applications” menu – “Accessories” – “Terminal”) and copy paste the wget line.
    The second line: Sudo dpkg…… will ask for you password, shouldn’t be any other problems!

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