Intrepid Ibex released…

Now it’s there for the taking, released in all its glory. I haven’t installed so much more, mostly been working on getting my 3G mobile connections to work. My “3” connection works flawlessly now, and it is such a blessing to have the mobile connections available in the network manager, absolutely a gift for me that is working mobile, wired and wireless every day. In addition I’ve been able to configure the VPN-connection to the office in the network manager. I never managed to do that in 8.04 or previous releases, I think it had something to do with support for OpenVPN.

My “ICE” mobile connections is working somewhat. Yesterday I managed to get it working on the train and started a rather large download (Severed Fifth album – Denied by reign), it went really well. It continued to download during a 15 minute train-ride and continued into my car. Then the computer hung. Really hard, like it has done before. No Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, no Ctrl+Alt+Del no Ctrl+Alt+F1 and no Alt+SysReq+REISUB. Powerbutton still worked though.. Something is seriously wrong here, gotta dig deeper into it, since it would be really cool to get it working. I had speeds above 200 KB/second on the darn train, which I find pretty amazing (not all of the time though, it was moving between 20 and 200, with most of the time spent around 70 KB / sec, still pretty good if you ask me).


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